Three sentence movie reviews: The Nice Guys


Thank goodness Mr. Gosling has ended his acting hiatus, and thankfully he has starred in something that doesn’t require him to be silent and sad-eyed all the time.*  He and Mr. Crowe make a funny comedy team in this story that is mostly about the two of them being a funny comedy team and not so much about the big-three automakers colluding.**  The 70s details were nice also.

Cost: $4.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst Theater, with Matt and a bunch of theater goers who were rather chatty.  Not off-topic chatty, but they reacted to what was going on in the movie very verbally.

*Though I did enjoy the Place Beyond the Pines.
**I felt that the whole plot motivation was shoehorned in at the last minute.

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Nice Guys”

  1. Oh, I wanted to see this! I feel like it came and went out of the theater so fast here. Sadly, it hasn’t made it to Netflix DVD yet, but I imagine that it will soon.

    1. He’s always gerbil-y looking to me. Even when he looks really good. I do appreciate his acting skilz and his comedic timing.

  2. Okay – all commented for those posts in my reader. I have been such a slug that many have fallen off. Next week I shall endeavor to locate those lovelies as well.

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