Astounding things from Parade Magazine.

“With the former Miss Independent now officially Mrs. Blackstock…”  Why is it that we need to make a point of a woman not being independant when she marries?  I never hear this about men.
It’s a turkey?  No!  It’s a cake that looks like a Turkey!

I must confess that this genre of cakes pretending to be something else delights me, though I would never eat one.  My favorite check stand headline reading is the magazine First For Women which always has a  cover featuring a way to lose large amounts of weight in tiny amounts of time, plus some cake that looks like another object.  My favorite was the cake picnic basket complete with ants, but this “turkey” is totally in the running now.

3 thoughts on “Astounding things from Parade Magazine.”

  1. Nope. Gotta say I'm thoroughly grossed about by the cake that looks like a turkey. All I can think about now is turkey-flavored cake.

  2. These things seems like two very different aspects of Parade. I also like cakes that look like other things. I also take offense to that statement. I am married and still independent (interdependent in some areas, too, but by choice).

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