Three sentence movie reviews: Hunger Games: Catching Fire

O! Excellent adaptation of the Hunger Games second book, I salute you for cleverly changing over the book’s Katness perspective to a broader perspective, while still keeping all the Panem plates spinning.  And I salute all the actors who have brought their A-game making this a gripping and fast-paced movie, which is incredible given the bladder-straining 146 minute length.

Cost:  $8.50
Where watched:  at the new Baghdad with Matt.

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Hot tip for the new Baghdad:  If it’s opening weekend and you want a choice of seats rather than just settling for what’s available, plan to arrive 45 minutes before the show starts.  We got there 30 minutes early and ended up in balcony seats that were okay, but also gave me a clear perspective on just how many people wander in and out during the movie.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

  1. I didn't like the first one that much (thought it was okay), so I was thoroughly shocked by how much I liked this one. They really knocked it out of the park. I went with a friend and I would probably totally go back to see it with Dan. I agree about the length, though. I had to pee so bad by time it was over, haha.

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