Borah Pool and its environment.

I’ve written about my time at Borah Pool and here’s a visual.  The 12-foot tall high-dive is now gone, alas.
This bump out part is the kids area.
It looks exactly the same down to the color of the paint and the fact that the lifeguards still make hash marks on a sheet of paper when you come in.
My grape snow cone from the shack outside.
Sara and I wandered over for a walk through the community garden.
It was looking good.
This used to be all field and the farmer still plowed with horses.  Now it’s a housing development and land that is waiting to be a housing development.  Just across the field is Bishop Kelly, the Catholic high school.  Despite how close this school was to Borah, we never mingled.

4 thoughts on “Borah Pool and its environment.”

  1. Do you find it odd, that despite my living 4 blocks or so away from South pool, that I never when to the pool as a kid. Oh yeah, I never lived in Boise in the summer. Seriously. I'm going crazy. I wonder when they open each year. It's not like I would have ever been home. I wonder why I didn't correlate that before.

    Also, my current district does not have the same pool commitment that BSD does. Most people here have to be part of pool house clubs in order to swim in the summer. Talk about elitist. Membership is pretty expensive. It is interesting to me that tax payer funded school-based pools are rather egalitarian of Boise. Well played, Les Bois!

  2. Well, aside from not living here in the summer, you also aren't much of a swimmer and I imagine that was also the case when you were little.

    The pools opened the day of the last day of school, to my memory, or the day after. They were VERY COLD at that point, having just been filled after spending the winter drained.

    And your stupid East Coast pool committment is dumb. Portland's system is similar to Boise's. I'm sure it's one of those eglatarian things about living in the West I never realized were not something that happened all across the countery. Plus, with it being Virginia, I bet you are still dealing with the whiffs of 20th century race policy.

  3. I was a swimmer for part of my youth. I took lessons at the CDA Y and at the neighbors pool lessons as well. I swam a lot in the lake in CDA as well. Then something happened. My anti-swimsuit and not getting wet self took over. I actually swam laps in college as well. Hmmm… I had rather forgotten about that.

  4. Garden? Was that in the field behind my house? The owner of the land, who was a little old lady when we were living there, used it to graze their cows. The part of the field up by the pool was some field corn, but they planted that with a tractor. And spread the manure quite liberally! Whew! What a stink! One time, we had left our back gate open and the cows came into the back yard while we were gone! That was quite the fun adventure! I used to cut across the field both towards Jackson and just toward the pool if I wanted to avoid detection…. Sneaky sneak. But, isn't that what teens do?

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