Early birthday present: Elizabeth Gilbert at the Newmark

Kelly spotted this opportunity for a birthday present and so we went.  We were excited to also get a book with our admission. (Especially me, who didn’t pay. :-))IMG_4689

The Newmark Theater is my favorite theater in Portland. One of the things I love is that when you sit in the balcony the view plunges straight to the stage.IMG_4691

I only managed to capture a so-so photo.  But what with the zoom and the dark and all, this was as good as it got.  I would say that bemused acknowledgement of her good fortune is probably a core Elizabeth Gilbert feeling these days.

This is either the third or fourth time Kelly and I have seen Elizabeth Gilbert speak.  But this time, she talked about the redemptive power of group singing (something I’ve been yammering on about for years) and had us all sing to end her talk.


We sang “Take me Home, Country Roads” which, aside from being a song I’ve known all my life was also a YRUU standard.  Neither Kelly nor I needed to google lyrics.

2 thoughts on “Early birthday present: Elizabeth Gilbert at the Newmark”

  1. Is this the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love? She’s so pretty! I would totally be down with people randomly breaking into song and dance all the time.

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