Three sentence movie reviews: The End of the Tour


A movie for people who like long conversations between smart people and a movie that also spends a ton of time examining yet another kind of pissing contest* that males involve themselves in.**  That said, I loved this movie, got lost in the conversations and fell for the characters.*** There were great performances all around****–particularly by Jason Segel who managed a lot of really good acting in ways I hadn’t seen him act before–and it was a nice look back at the mid-90s.*****

Cost: $3.00
Where watched: Laurelhurst

*That these men were both smart author-types, the pissing contest was subtle and low-key, but very present.
**Is there any aspect of the male existence we have not thoroughly explored via the medium of film?  I think not.
***Although Jesse Eisenberg’s character less so, though I felt for him.
****Oh Joan Cusack, did you have to be named Patty?  Why are all the perky people in film named Patty?
*****Now that I’ve lived through times that are “historical”, I enjoy picking up on the small details, like the fact that everyone was reading Primary Colors.

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  1. I remember once, when I was living in Austin, after I introduced two of my male friends to each other, one of them later said to me, “I really like him. He’s not the kind of guy that will try to one up you.” It was such an insight to the male psyche for me. I’ve seen that kind of stuff portrayed in film, but never really noticed it in real life – apparently because I’m not a guy, because guys seem to notice it!

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