Election Night 2016

Though I disagree with the sentiment, this is a pretty awesome drawing I grabbed a picture of on the way into the bar where we waited for results.

“I’m going to have a shot tonight,” I told my co-worker earlier in the day.  “I don’t know if it’s going to be a celebratory shot, or a misery shot, or an I-have-to-go-to-bed shot, but I’m doing a shot tonight.”  He told me about picklebacks, shot of whisky chased with a shot of pickle juice.

So that’s what I had.  It turned out to be an I-have-to-go-to-bed shot.

5 thoughts on “Election Night 2016”

  1. The election night party we went to was so sad. We started out making jokes and taking fake worried photos. As the night went on, everyone got quieter and quieter. We left when the writing was on the wall but nothing was official yet because I couldn’t take it anymore. Ended up not being able to sleep that night.

    Had my first ever jello shot that night (not sure how I made it to 41 without having one before). Thought it was gross.

    1. I kept comparing it to 2008, when I went over to Heidi’s house. It was just the two of us–Keven was elsewhere. She went upstairs to get some snacks and they called it while she was in the kitchen, right at 8:00. Part of me couldn’t help but think that if Heidi and Kevin would have just had us over to their house, everything would have turned out differently.

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