It’s about the layout, stupid.

We have our tabloid format, which I’ve already expressed my displeasure about.  And now there is another problem.  Here’s how big the tabloid paper is when folded open.  It’s too big to read on the train that way, so I fold it in half.

Except what the hell am I supposed to do when I get to the middle of the column?
I’m not sure what I did in a previous life to deserve what has become the Oregonian, but I’m very, very sorry.

4 thoughts on “It’s about the layout, stupid.”

  1. It's too bad it is just not stapled in the middle like a news magazine. Then you could just turn the pages and have everything nice. I continue to be shocked at these turn of events. I am not sure why, but it really bugs!

  2. Do they lay out all the pages like this or just the middle spread? Either way, someone needs to go back to design school.

  3. They do staple, and they only lay out the middle spread like this. Right now we are getting a few sections of the paper (depending on the day) each with their own staples. But I think when they go to the whole paper being tabloid, it will all be one big bundle, so there will only be one staple. The company clearly does not really care about the print version anymore, so it follows that they wouldn't care about the layout, either. I wish they would either just convert to all-digital (which is what they want to do anyway) or give us seven days of a normal paper. But as my grandmother often said, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

  4. Oh gosh, so frustrating! Maybe they're intentionally, passive-aggressively trying to kill the print version. They make it so terrible that no one will read it and then they can go back to the powers that be and say, "Well look, no one is reading it! We should go digital only!"

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