Three sentence movie reviews: The Wolf of Wall Street

As long as you know that women are nothing more than objects,* this is a very funny movie.  It’s also quite lengthy and the visuals will stick with you for a days which is unfortunate, because walking around with R-rated (though really MPAA? How is this R rated?**) visuals of women being screwed is odd when you work in an elementary school.  Excellent performances all around with a couple of Leonardo DiCaprio’s speeches taking my breath away.***

Cost:  $5.00
Where watched:  St. Johns Cinema

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*Not even objects, really.  Just vessels waiting to receive copious amounts of semen in various orifices.
**Don’t even get me started on the MPAA and their willingness to let women be screwed by heterosexual males, but not being okay with women enjoying sex on their own terms.
***He really is a good actor.  I forget sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Wolf of Wall Street”

  1. This is so NFS that even looking at previews makes me want to wretch. Great analysis and condemnation of the MPAA. When will their ratings stances actually change?

  2. I've been so hesitant to see this because I don't have much patience for Scorsese anymore. All of his movies are simply too long. It's tiresome. Your review made me curious about it though. I do think Leo is a phenomenal actor. And I heard that Jonah Hill was very good as well.

  3. I will say that it didn't drag for me at all, which I can't really say about many of his movies of late. So it's got that going for it.

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