Three sentence movie reviews: Veronica Mars

After many months of excited Kickstarter backer updates, the movie is here.  And it was good, just like the show was good; funny and dark and packed full of shout-outs.  Seeing it on opening night was great, because the audience reaction was phenomnal, which makes me glad I live in a town that screened the movie.

Cost:  $9.00 (and worth every penny)
Where watched:  Living Room Theaters, with Matt

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10 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Veronica Mars”

  1. It was just so great to see the gang again. There were so many wonderful Easter eggs for us long time fans. I am so glad I helped pay for this movie!!!

  2. I am wondering about Bechdel Test. Two women? Yes. Talk about something other than men? Yes (murder, class reunions, etc.). What do you think? I can't remember the other question.

  3. Two women. Yes! (Yay for Mac)

    Who talk to each other. (Yes, several of these)

    About something besides a man. (Yes! Murder! Class reunions! Etc.)

  4. And it was written and produced by a man. It is nice to have someone in the industry who writes such great women. I think I have a major crush on Rob Thomas right now!

  5. Don't forget Gia and Madison. They may night be delightful characters, but they do pass the rule! Yay for a Bechtel passing movie.

  6. Oh, I do kind of wish I'd seen it on opening night. That would be really fun. As you know, I loved this film. You'll see a full review eventually, when I move on to my A-Z movie project. I'm looking forward to the sequel that was hinted at!

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