Look what I picked up.

It was on the Max.  I did what it said and picked it up.

It seems there’s a travelling book thing.  And it’s a big thing, with lots of books registered.
I wasn’t interested in reading the book, so I left it for someone else to find, but it was fun to find it.  I’m not one who purchases books often, but when I do, I may sign up for this.

2 thoughts on “Look what I picked up.”

  1. How fun! Sometimes I have received or bought books that I don't really want to keep (in an airport or otherwise) and this would be a great share it sort of solution! Pretty cool that this book has been traveling since 2006.

  2. That is so incredibly cool! I've never even heard of it. I wish I'd find a random book! Of course, I almost never use public transit anymore and I haven't been in an airplane since 2012.

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