Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Fair Food

Yesterday, I chickened out of the line for the Mouth Trap’s deep fried cheese curds.  Today I stood in the line and was rewarded with these stomach-sitting delights.

I sat to eat them and discovered that in 1995 a nice planting area was dedicated to Minnesota Veterans.  And then some time after that, a wall was built up around the area, presumably so people could sit.  

Next, I tried Key Lime Pie on a stick.  This was my only “on a stick” experience.  At the end of the night I attempted to partake of Olive on a Stick, but that place was closed.

Key Lime Pie on a stick was very good.  I liked that when I bit into it, it wasn’t freezing cold like ice cream.

Some fair volunteers, taking a rest, sitting very close to where I was sitting when I took the above picture of the plaque.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Fair Food”

  1. Oh, fried cheese curds. Drool…

    I’m impressed by the consistency of the key lime filling. In my experience, key lime tends to be more runny.

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