Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Space Tower

After the parade, I got in line for the Space Tower.  I’m a fan of seeing things from up high.  This was my first of three views today from contraptions that put me in the air.  This picture has information about the Space Tower.  (Sadly, I have no picture of the space tower itself.  Just the view from it.  You can see it in this YouTube Video.)

I got to hear the University Marching Band while I was waiting in line.  (The line for this was rather short, which was nice.)  They played Smashmouth.  I felt old.

I hadn’t noticed yesterday, that these benches, which are all over the fairgrounds, are personalized.  For joining the fair foundation at the Silver Level ($2,500) you get a bench, among other things.

Here’s a collage of my journey up the Space Tower.  On the way back down I took and posted an Instagram video.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Space Tower”

  1. Dang..I lost my comment…

    I do remember it, though. I love the sky views. Yay for the Golden Gopher band! Even if they made you feel old.

    Also I finally got back to where I started.

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