Morning surprises: Kittens! Mural!

Oh my gosh, two of them, sitting in front of a fence on the way to the Max train.  They froze when they saw me and bolted through the hedge into the cat wonderland that is the former City of Roses Motel.  (Chain link fence all around, flat ground, depressions with copious amounts of weeds growing.) There was one already waiting for them, so there were three!  Three kittens!
Sadly, I suspect they are feral. 

And, blooming on the side of a building, is the beginning of a mural.  That would be the grey thing on the left.  The exposed brick is the historic painted sign for the first indoor car dealership in Oregon.  The building was required to preserve it when they did the renovation.

2 thoughts on “Morning surprises: Kittens! Mural!”

  1. Love the old brick! It's beautiful. I prefer it to everything else around it.

    Poor lil kitties. I don't see as many feral kitties around here as I have in other places I've lived. There was a little Siamese kitten living under our patio (I think) when we first moved in but I haven't seen him/her in a long time so he/she probably got picked up.

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