Older Cats

As other writers have observed, welcoming a pet into your life gives you companionship and also regular reminders about the life span. My two cats, ages sixteen and twelve, have both entered the elderly stage. And it’s the younger one who isn’t doing very well with this phase of life.

While Sentinel has been aging more or less gracefully (he’s taken prednisone for years to help with his vomiting) Antares has catapulted himself into some sort of herpes thing that has left him sickly and sad and in need of a lot of expensive medication. Plus, he has to start medication for his thyroid.

Having sick cats isn’t fun. Hopefully these medications will have him feeling better soon.

2 thoughts on “Older Cats”

  1. I mean to ask on his last post…is he feeling better??

    We are in special food and other items to see if we can get our skinny boy back to a better weight. And now some powder for his food to help with some of the toxins his kidneys aren’t able to take care of right now.

    1. Well, he’s not as bad as he was in this picture, but he’s not great. His eye problems have cleared up, but now he’s super congested and doesn’t breathe well. This morning he wasn’t sleeping in his usual spot and I went around looking in hidey-holes to see if he had left this mortal coil. It turned out he is still with us, and was sleeping under my bed. I’m not really sure what to do. Are there ear, nose, and throat specialists for cats? The vet had no suggestions at his last checkup.

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