Hike at Tryon Creek

We haven’t been to Tryon Creek in years. I think the last time we were there we got lost, and it was a slog through the rain. But today’s hike was fun, and short. You can see Matt holding his mask. We would put them on when we encountered other hikers.

I loved this nurse log.

And! When we were leaving, we ran into a parent from my days at the Emerson School; it was great to catch up.

2 thoughts on “Hike at Tryon Creek”

  1. Nurse log is a new to me term. Such a small world…running into someone you knew!

    Noting the COVID-19 need to emphasize following the guidelines of our respective jurisdictions. I have felt that need too!

    1. Ah yes. Nurse log is a standard part of middle school science education in this part of the world, but it’s not a term I was familiar with before I moved here.

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