One Story: Optimistic People

Charles Drangle wrote this story with a title I don’t like (though he does, I just read it in his author interview which I don’t recommend you read before reading this story).

This story starts along one path, and then takes a crazy turn that had me marveling.  I was so amazed at this changeup, I stopped where I was and put this story down for several weeks.

When I picked it back up, I started from the beginning. This time I was ready for the changeup and I finished the story, marveling at the skill of this author.

2 thoughts on “One Story: Optimistic People”

    1. Only getting one story per issue is interesting. It’s either hit or miss, and there aren’t any other stories for the one story to lean on. While I haven’t liked some of the stories, the ones I have are really well written and I think I appreciate them in their one-ness in a way I wouldn’t if it were a collection of short stories.

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