Postcard from Minnesota

Here’s a great slate of Diverse Books sent to me by Ms. SKS, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She’s been busy this semester with her Ph.D. work, but she keeps those postcards coming. ¬†Thanks, SKS!

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Minnesota”

  1. Two great postcards! There’s a cute store in my new hometown that sells some fantastic postcards, which I saw from the window while they were closed. I went in when they were open to purchase some – particularly with you in mind – but balked at the price. 3 for $5. Very pricey IMO so I didn’t get any.

    1. I’ve also noticed the bespoke price of postcards in the last few years. My rule when I was doing Postcrossing was that I pay no more than $1 for each postcard, and I always tried to have the generic 5-for-$1 on hand for people who didn’t seem to care much what they got. But I can easily find postcards for $2.50 or $3.00 each.

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