Pop Up Project Finished. Capes

I’m visiting Heather in Kansas and she is the mother of two girls.  So I used those blue satin sheets from Goodwill and made capes.  (Don’t worry, I laundered the material before I got to sewing).
The pattern (found online)was a circle skirt, essentially. You cut two circles (four in my case) drafted a Peter Pan collar, sandwiched everything together, sewed, turned, and then stitched around the outside.

I bought buttons you could cover so they had matching closures and embroidered a monogram in each one.  I’m really happy with how these turned out.

Guess who wants to monogram everything she owns now?  Me! I see where Laverne had the right idea about that particular topic.

Here are my templates. I found a font I liked, blew up the letters in Word to the right large size, and then printed and sliced out the black part.  
And guess who still has an entire blue satin sheet left?  Did you guess me again?  You are correct.  I have notions of a circle skirt with a monogram.

3 thoughts on “Pop Up Project Finished. Capes”

  1. Awesome! The capes are super adorable. Can I ask what the girls' names are? I really hope she sends you a pic of them wearing them.

    You would look really cute in a monogrammed skirt!

  2. Their names are Lucille (Lucy to her friends) and Eliza. They have a penchant for silky stuff and blankets in particular. I have been hoping to catch them when they are both cute and cooperative to take their pictures in the capes. I never would have guessed that they were made from used sheets! It actually made me laugh quite a lot when I saw that!

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