Random songs from Guardians of the Galaxy

Aside from being a charming and funny film full of misfits, Guardians of the Galaxy has an outstanding soundtrack, as my postcrossing blogging friend pointed out in her post.

My favorites:
I can’t not like this song, even as cheesy and stupid as it is.  Plus it takes place in Boston!  Or thereabouts.  Heather introduced me to this song back in high school.

Hooked on a feeling
Much like Kathleen (the aforementioned postcrossing blogging friend) I love this song.  It was used very effectivly in the trailer for the movie and in the movie itself, it is playing when we see our heroes being disinfected while in jail.  (read: the beefcake Chris Pratt scene).  I love the horns (the #1 way to get me to like a song) and how many different parts you can choose to sing.

2 thoughts on “Random songs from Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. "Hooked on a Feeling" is such a great song! Off this soundtrack, I also really love "Spirit in the Sky" (even though it's about Jesus; it's just such a happy song) and "Come and Get Your Love." Also, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" was used perfectly in the film.

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