Portland Actor’s Ensemble: A Winter’s Tale

We traveled to Concordia University (not far from our house) to take in our second PAE outing this summer.

The jealous King Lontes

There’s always good people watching at outdoor Shakespeare

A very pregnant Hermione talks with her ladies.

I was obsessed with this audience member’s perfect summer sundress.

I also noticed that the Hermione on the program (sitting in the middle) did not match the Hermione in our production.  I wonder what happened to her?

As with most Shakespeare plays, the “rustics” were fun to watch. It was a good season of outdoor Shakespeare.

One thought on “Portland Actor’s Ensemble: A Winter’s Tale”

  1. Looks fun! I’m unfamiliar with this Shakespeare play.

    The original “Nina” at my work’s production of “In the Heights” in September got cut late. I seem to recall there being good scuttlebutt as to why but I’ve already forgotten it. So maybe it wasn’t that good? Anyway, perhaps it happens more frequently than one might think.

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