Post-Election Walk

Everyone was pretty raw at work.  I did some stuff, and then left early to take a long walk to the Hollywood Library, where I was volunteering with Teen Book Council.

Look at this blast-from-the-past mural/advertisement for radio station 94.7!  Usually it’s covered by an official billboard.

I’ve take a picture of this building before, but on a happier day.  It seems today the building is sad.  Sorry building.  I feel sad too.

The footprint of Farm restaurant, which I always wanted to eat at, and never did.  I guess I won’t ever get to now.

Tracking apartment rental prices.  For reference, when I got my first studio apartment in Portland in 2002, I paid $500/month to live downtown.  If Matt and I rented this apartment, we would pay $850 each.  Yikes!  

Here’s the house where the unit is.

I loved the green of this house.

And look!  It’s a very specific green.

Very nice vintage four-plex.

I love the neon sign with the brick.

Bit of grey cloud hovering.

The day after the election, not much was happening at the Multnomah Democrats headquarters. The building was dark.  (The cars are from the business next door.)

I had a sundae at Baskin Robbins and a very nice Teen Book Council meeting.  Then there was square dancing.  It was a raw, but good day.

6 thoughts on “Post-Election Walk”

  1. Do you think someone stole the original T in Timbers? It seems to have been replaced.

    Awwww that HRC cardboard cut out. 😐

    Fun houses! I love thew rental unit place…but pricey!

  2. Back to sociocultural theory…

    I’m giving myself 30 minutes – let’s see how far I get in the 14 pages!

  3. You’ll be unsurprised that I a. loved the Timbers house and b. could tell that the “t” in Timbers was the logo. Lol.

    That apartment is more expensive than ours here in pricey California! Bigger though, so there’s that.

    I love all your building pics. I miss interesting architecture.

    1. I feel like posts with pictures of houses/buildings have gone on a rapid decline with the advent of the 40-hour work week. I don’t have as much time to take long walks, and I don’t take as many pictures when I do, because I don’t have as much time to post. So goes the way of the world.

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