A citizen responds

As part of a US Department of Justice settlement, my company is conducting a survey of the Portland Police and their community relations.

We sent a postcard giving residents the option of filling out the survey online.  That was followed up by a paper copy of the survey, complete with postage-paid return envelope.

This respondent wasn’t having any part of our postage-paid return envelope.  They supplied their own.  The return address moniker amused me.

4 thoughts on “A citizen responds”

  1. That is hilarious!

    Had to change my name back to regular Sara K. (of course).

    In case you are dying to know: Read half the pages…7 left for tomorrow. 58 total for this piece and 13 for the other two pieces which I finished this weekend. All due for a 4:40 class on Thurs! So nice to be slightly ahead of the game this week! Not caught up….that thinking is the kiss of death!

  2. Someone seems a bit paranoid, although I can’t say I blame them, especially given the shooting that was to come a few months later.

    1. There were a couple people who filled out the survey and then tore off the code on the survey. Which was too bad, because we couldn’t enter those surveys without the code. So they were never heard, alas.

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