The Huntsman: Winter’s War


I didn’t need much in this movie, not with the presence of the Hunstman (or, as I prefer to think of him: the Huntsmmmm-mmmmm!)  Like its predecessor, this movie was incredibly pretty to look at and held my attention quite well.  It’s one of those B-Movies graced with A-movie actors who bring their best effort, making for a nicely enjoyable experience.

Cost: $3.00, from Redbox, which now that Videorama has closed, is my best source for new movies.
Where watched: at home.

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4 thoughts on “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

  1. I still haven’t seen this, even though I think it’s available for free on one of the services we pay for. I suppose I’ll get around to it eventually. Every time I scroll past it, I think of your name for it!

  2. Pretty movies (not an actual sentence, but sorry not sorry). Wouldn’t it be interesting to just watch them with no sound? This is why I would never really want to be a movie reviewer in real life.

    1. The reason I never want to be a movie reviewer in real life is due to the presence of films like Saw and their ilk.

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