Three sentence movie reviews: Me Before You


I got this because I was curious about Sam Claflin and if he had much range outside of Finnick* and I expected to find it rather so-so overall, kind of a British version of Nicholas Sparks’ tales.  Instead, I found myself captivated by Emilia Clarke, who is charasmatic and slightly odd looking in a way that makes it hard to stop looking at her.**  And the story went in an entirely different direction than I had assumed, so that was interesting too.

Cost: $3.00 from Redbox.  (I started watching this on 10/20 and the disk was scratched and wouldn’t move past minute 42.  They gave me a credit and I was able to finish the film a few weeks later.  However, their reserve system tricked me, so I ended up paying for two days, rather than one.)
Where watched: at home.

*Answer: probably not, but he’s pretty to look at.
**This poster makes her look like a standard starlet, but her face is really interesting to watch in a non-standard starlet way.

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8 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Me Before You”

  1. I never recognize Emilia Clarke unless she’s playing the Mother of Dragons. She has a bit of a chameleon-like quality.

    On my flight back from Seattle in November, my German seat mate was reading this book (in German). She said it was really good. I was skeptical, but I’m feeling less so now.

    1. Oh my gosh, I JUST learned that Emilia Clarke is in Game of Thrones. I was at the doctor’s office and looking at a lineup of the dresses of women who attended the Emmys and there she was. “What’s that cute girl from _Me Before You_ doing at the Emmy’s?” I thought to myself. Further research turned up the news. I was glad, as I liked her so much in that role and I always worry about young actresses in movies, given their disposable nature. But it seems she’s doing just fine.

  2. The movie felt like a bait and switch. I wanted and was promised a nice and sweet rom-com. And then, nope, I got a (SPOILER THING) that I really didn’t like.

    1. I was wondering why I had so many comments left to approve, and yet so few emails. But I got to this one and now it makes more sense.

      I was in agreement with him on both matters, the one we aren’t mentioning and also how they shouldn’t be together even if he didn’t do the thing we aren’t mentioning. So I was good with this movie. But I can see how you might not like it.

      Did you at least like her outfits?

      Also! I can quick edit comments. So I already fixed your bait and switch issue! 🙂 I have a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet, which is awesome, because I hate typing on the tablet. But it’s also not awesome because it cuts the spelling feature so I have to find my spelling errors AND FIX THEM myself. Which, if Matt isn’t around, I do by telling my phone “spell misogynist.”

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