Postcard from the Ukraine

“Hello from Ukraine!
“Happy New Year and Christmas!!!  On this card you can see a part of our history of cartoons.  You can find it on youtube (for example) ‘How cossacks’. I hope it’ll be interesting for you.”
Then some cyrillic and the translation: “A faithful friend is the greatest treasure.”
Thanks Larisa!

3 thoughts on “Postcard from the Ukraine”

  1. I'm probably going to sound like a know-it-all a-hole saying this, but I literally learned this week (in reading about the riots over there) that it is called "Ukraine" now, not "The Ukraine." Apparently, it was "the" Ukraine when it was part of the USSR, to indicate that it was a region of it rather than a country of its own.

    Anyway, cute card. My heart hurts whenever I send a card to or get one from Ukraine. It much be such a scary time to be there right now!

  2. Look at that! You can see the difference right there by comparing my title (…from the Ukraine.) to what the person said right on the back: Hello from Ukraine. Good information to have!

  3. I have also now learned that Cossacks are kind of the nasty thugs for the area and are not making the issues there any easier. Maybe that was wrong, but I recall something about it on John Green's recent Ukraine video.

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