The Modern Hotel

Let’s talk about how lovely my lodgings are, shall we?  The Modern Hotel is a renovated Travelodge  in the “up and coming” (?) Linen District.  Some of the reviews I read (after I made my reservations) criticized it for being a sort of “lipstick on a pig” place and said the walls were thin.  I found the renovations to be handily done and the only place I could hear that other people were next to me was through the bathroom wall. It was quiet, clean and in a great location.

My room, looking all mid-century modern.  The bathroom had a tile shower with a rain shower shower head.  The room was very aesthetically pleasing.

This courtyard was a great place to pass the time, even in the 100-degree heat.
The bar made top-notch cocktails and the food was good too.
Overall, it was a very pretty place.
At night, there is fire!

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