Three sentence movie reviews: Don Jon

Important porn warning:  this movie is about porn and addiction, which I knew and was ready for, but I didn’t imagine that there would be so much porn imagery in the film itself.*  I liked that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so tightly wound that he was hard to watch–kind of the guy version of the pretty girl making herself ugly to get the Oscar nomination.  I thought the addition issue was captured quite well and overall, this was a good solid film, and I heartily approved of the ending.

Cost:  free (early birthday present)
Where watched:  Living Room Theater with S. North.

*”I’m having porn flashbacks!” my movie-going companion texted me later.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Don Jon”

  1. With all the porn images- and later reading that even more was edited out- I would have been even MORE uncomfortable seeing it in a theater. So, more power to you for that one. I thought it was really a valid statement having once dated someone who had a porn addiction. And to get to the end and find out that JGL not only starred in it, but wrote and directed as well and I was very, very impressed. This guy has become a chameleon! So different from his 3rd rock days! I am still in denial that he played the young Bruce Willis in Looper, even AFTER I saw it! But, with regards to this movie, did not anticipate what it was about. But, loved the final exchange between Scarlet Johansen and JGL- she asked him to change everything about himself for nothing in return… That is how it goes sometimes…

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