4 thoughts on “When the GPS just doesn’t cut it…”

  1. To be fair, the GPS is wrong sometimes. I once had to call Dan and have him look up my destination on the Internet because my GPS sent me to an empty lot next to a business (my destination was on the other side of the freeway).

  2. We just experienced that this weekend. We arrived at the end of a road and we were supposed to keep going. That's why I always like to have a map in the car. But in this case we just used a different navigation system and it routed us to the correct place.

  3. I would be lost, both literally and figuratively without my GPS. My dad bought it for me when I was alone in ATL, and we got lost going to the movies… Two days in a row! The first thing it did, though, was take us to a "steak house" restaurant that was actually a private house! Oops. It also loved taking us through the sketchy parts of town rather than the interstate for some reason. Even now, the company no longer makes updates for it, and do not support the model and it is turning into the biggest lying bastard! I was coming back from the airport and it told me to get off at the totally wrong place. Then, I was driving nowhere on the map. And it insisted that I go through the hospital parking lot. Twice! So, I have to doubt how much longer it will be showing me where I am…

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