Postcard from Las Vegas, Nevada

I love this postcard, only my second in the mail-art category.  Is it not beautiful?  From the number of Postcrossers who request NO mail-art I assumed that I would be receiving a lot of it.  But it has shown itself to be rare, even though my profile says that I love it.
Aside from creatively annotating the stamp, I learned that one of J.D.’s favorite places in the universe is Powell’s Books.  Also that Allen Ginsburg once had to physically move her out of the way because she was blocking the door to the men’s room and also that her favorite movie is Bull Durham. With her favorite line being “don’t THINK. It can only hurt the ball club.”

I kind of think JD and I could be friends.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. I want to be friends with JD as well! Powell's is one of my favorite places too, and I love Bull Durham! Also her card art is awesome.

    It always perplexes me that so many postcrossers are opposed to handmade postcards. I've never gotten any. Perhaps I should add to my profile that I'd like to receive them.

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