Three sentence movie reviews: Two Night Stand


Looking up the big-eyed girl from Crazy, Stupid, Love, I noticed she’d done a movie with another guy I adore, Miles Teller and I HAD to watch it, with the force of someone who is on her third week of vacation and has pretty much let everything go.  So I did and I loved it, not just because of the two leads, but because I’ve never seen depicted in a movie two characters talk frankly about sex and what and doesn’t work for them.  As a romantic comedy it was inventive and overall sweet in that good way, so I heartily enjoyed this film.

Cost: $3.99 from Google Play.  (Yes, I was so desperate, I rented it through the internet! The library didn’t have it, it was too hot to walk to the video store, so I paid money to sit at my computer and watch this film.)
Where watched: at home.

poster from:
I’m not sure what they did to Miles Teller’s face in this poster but it is Not Good.

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  1. This must be available through one of my various means of watching stuff because I’ve considered it multiple times and gave it a pass for reason I don’t understand. Maybe I’ll try it! I love Miles Teller as an actor but I keep hearing that he’s a jerk in real life. It makes me sad. I want to stick my fingers in my ears and go, “LA LA LA, I can’t hear you!”

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