Unique apartments.

These are near my house and I love them both.  I worry that they will be torn down for something fancier, so thought I would snap a few pictures just in case.
Here’s the street side of this complex.  I love the swinging modern silhouette of the building and the fact that the garages are underneath, with the apartments hanging over.  Some of the garage doors still work, and some are permanently sealed shut.

Front entrance.  There is a pretty shrubbery outside of every door and a garden area on the other side of the parking lot.  I’ve never seen inside these units, but I imagine they are all one-bedroom jobbers.

This fourplex is right next door.  I like how it looks like it has been added onto over the years.  There’s even a random bay-type window in one unit.  And the corners of the building have art deco glass.  A few of these units have been vacant for some time, and it’s a hot rental market here, so this is building I’m most worried about.

2 thoughts on “Unique apartments.”

  1. See, this is one of the things I love about art/architecture/fashion. I personally think the first building is ugly. And you love it! How great is that? There's truly something out there for everyone in this world. I like the four-plex though. It's just quirky enough to catch my interest.

  2. They are rather funky. They do look like something that is not long for the area. Hopefully for the people living there that will not be the case.

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