What’s up with me and cooking lately?

Glad you asked.

For the past year I’ve been a subscriber to SoupStones, so a nice lady from Australia sends me five recipes to make each week.  It’s $20.00 per month, which is outrageous, but the food is good, it makes the right amount of portions, I don’t have to think, and most of the meals come together quickly.  So every Friday (that’s aspirational, mostly I do this on Saturday morning) I make my grocery list for the week and then on Saturday go shopping.


However, since the beginning of April, I’ve been taking a class on Thursday nights, which means my weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday: long work day, can’t do much when I get home.
Tuesday: tap class
Wednesday: restorative yoga
Thursday: Pattern Manipulation Class
Friday: pretty much toast

This schedule doesn’t really leave me much time to cook during the week, so I’ve been doing a week’s worth of cooking on Sunday.  It’s not my favorite thing, but  like it better than spending too much money eating out.  Plus, I know that I have food for the week.

I usually run out of steam before I complete my list, though.  As you can see, the Hot, Cheesy Chickpeas didn’t happen.  I told myself I would do them later in the week. I won’t.

  • IMG_3164

2 thoughts on “What’s up with me and cooking lately?”

  1. That often happens with my meal plans. There is always something that doesn’t quite make it to the plate. Paprika roasted cauliflower is the winner this week!

  2. Well, you’re doing much better than me. If I make more than 3 meals a week, I’m doing good. I’m trying to get better, but as you know, cooking isn’t exactly a love of mine. Hot cheesy chickpeas sound tasty.

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