Requiem: Motion Industries Mug

IMG_3163My first job out of college was for Motion Industries.  I was the receptionist, and the company I worked for had recently been acquired by MI.  Redundednt people were being let go, everyone in the company was older than forty, and there wasn’t  really anything much to do.  I was bored and depressed and it was the kind of company that only had two holidays per year and accrued any vacation time for a full year before awarding it. I lasted eight months before fleeing.  Best part? My boss Roberta Cronin.  “You are terribly overqualified for this job, but it’s yours if you want it,” she told me about a week into my temp gig.  We made it official and I learned–not for the last time–about  the danger of settling for whatever job comes my way.

5 thoughts on “Requiem: Motion Industries Mug”

  1. I got wonderful notes and letters out of the deal. But oh how you disliked that job after some time!

    1. Really? I have no memory of writing letters. But I bet I wrote a lot of them because it seems more “busy” than just reading a book. I might be sketching a plan for receptionist improvement or something. Thank god my job at least keeps me busy. I don’t do well with nothing to do.

  2. Wait, is the mug kaput or were you just writing an ode to it? Good lord, I hate jobs where there’s nothing to do. Like you, I find it massively depressing. I’m sorry you had one right out of college, but I suppose it was an important lesson to learn.

    1. It is no longer in the house. I took it to work and put it in the general use mugs. Someone will break it and that will be that.

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