Wrinkled newspaper.

It’s weird, the way the paper arrives.  Rather than just stacking all the sections in the middle and folding once, there are various configurations of sections and often just the front page is wrapped around a stack of sections.  This leaves the front page rather wrinkled and strained. This was something that was never a problem, before the advent of the tabloid format.

2 thoughts on “Wrinkled newspaper.”

  1. I'm still unclear on how you feel about the new format for the Oregonian. Could you specify? 😛

    BTW, the other day I got my hands on a Sunday copy of the LA Times (it's a surprisingly long story) and I was appalled by how terrible the writing was. I sort of expect online journalism to suck these days (even though it infuriates me) but in a printed paper? The LA Times, no less? It's a sad state of affairs.

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