So how do you fund your schools?

Here in the United States, we make children sell things in order to have fun things in their school.  No one wants to buy this crap, but they do, because who doesn’t want to support the neighborhood children on a mission?  So there is then more crap in the world, and entire industries make money off this endeavor.  Enough to send a sample kit in the mail.  
I have an idea!  Why not fully fund our children’s education?  Then no one would have to purchase things they don’t want and the children wouldn’t have to sell things.
I’m happy to say that the school at which I work does not do fundraiser of this nature.  That’s one school down, and many, many more to go.

3 thoughts on “So how do you fund your schools?”

  1. I agree with this whole entire post. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but the small voice of one I have inside of me sometimes wonders if part of the reason for this selling stuff is to indoctrinate our children to the idea of being good little capitalists.

  2. Us being good little capitalists is sort of a chicken/egg thing for me. Is it an endless reinforcing loop? I lean more that way than the "big man" behind it. But I think things could be done at a governmental level to encourage us to consume less. Are we lazy/uncomfortable with that idea, or does it not happen for a purpose? Hmmmm.

  3. Our school used this very company to raise money for our art program. We actually had great funding for the arts in my district. This was just the bonus cash to go on art field trips and do extra amazing things. The families LOVE having their kids artwork on all sorts of ephemera. I gt your point as well. If you are going to send kid artwork to your family, might as well raise money for your school, too. I'd love to have my niece/nephew/goddaughter artwork on anything.

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