Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Gone Girl

This movie has not one, not two, but three meaty parts for women.* In another stunning turn of events, the gender equilibrium from the book was translated exactly, with no maximization of the male’s story at the expense of the female’s.  At two and a half hours, this still managed to be a roller coaster, even for me, who just read the book last month.

Where watched: St. Johns Cinema with Kelly
Cost:  $7.00

*I normally have to watch 20 movies to find three such well written and acted roles.

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3 thoughts on “Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Gone Girl”

  1. I concur! Excellent casting. And I normally abhor audience outbursts but the applause from the Neil Patrick Harris Fan Club was adorable. Oscar night is going to rock this year.

  2. I've still got to read this book. There has been SO much buzz about it that I'm dying of curiosity now. I hope it hasn't been built up too much. I'm actually planning on bringing it with me on my Portland/Seattle trip next week to read in my down time.

  3. Shawn saw this when my parents visited in October. It is really NFS, so I stayed home and wrote a paper. They loved it.

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