Various things from the paper today.

From an article about getting your child off to college.

Here’s what I remember of my college application process.  At some point, I went to the library and researched some schools to go to.  I also got a postcard in the mail for a women’s college.  I sent away for more information.  The information arrived and I applied.  I asked my teachers for recommendations, I filled out the forms, I wrote and proofed the essay.  I got a money order for the application fee which I paid for out of my Pizza Hut earnings.  I got in.  I showed my parents the letter and asked if I could go.  They said yes.  I went.  I did not have SAT prep classes, (in fact, I did quite poorly on the SAT and then tried harder on the ACT) I did not have my parents reminding me of my various deadlines.  I wanted to go to school and I did what I had to do to go.  Do these children who need the post-its and reminders really want to go to college?  Maybe the college application process is the time to find out just how badly they want to go. By letting them do it themselves.

I don’t think there really is such a thing as Poncho Perfect. 
(That said, I kind of like the purple one in the middle.)

Did Jeremy Renner really have a desk when he was in the middle of filming “The Avengers”?  Does it come standard in his trailer?  What else does he do at his desk during filming?
I guess maybe he could, but I think this is lazy writing, employing a cliche instead of using description.  Standards people.  Standards.

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  1. Per my previous post, there appear to be no standards in journalism anymore. Ugh.

    Also, as a relatively small person, I scorn the poncho. They make me look like I'm wearing a blanket.

    I don't remember much of anything about applying for college (I vaguely recall taking the SATs; I did okay). I know my mom didn't have to nag me about anything – except she made me apply to Western Michigan because she didn't want me to go far away – because I was desperate to get out of my hometown and get a college education. But, from what I gather (I have lots of friends in education) kids' lives nowadays are being micromanaged by parents, so the above article doesn't surprise me.

  2. Applying for undergrad vs. MEd/PhD was so different. Online vs. paper. I wanted real letters and actual pamphlets. But, no. It's all online portals now with no physical letters/paper. Especially UMN. UGA was a little more paper oriented with actual acceptance letters and a lovely letter from an alumna on gorgeous creamy stationery welcoming me to the school. So old fashioned and proper. Oh UGA, I miss the idea of you.

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