Three sentence movie reviews: The Kissing Both

Hoo-boy, this was such a bad film that boyfriend Matt got a blow-by-blow synopsis the next morning as I was working through what made it so terrible.* I think the crux of the problem is that this story was originally written by a fifteen-year-old and published on Wattpad. The actors were enjoyable** but they could not overcome the shortcomings of the plot that was written for them.

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*Just one example: best friends Shelly and Lee need to raise money for the “Dancing Club” (they seem to be the only two members) and so they have a kissing booth at the carnival. But what are they raising money for? Once the kissing booth is over, we never see them in any sort of Dancing Club-related activities.
**Joel Courtney was the lead in Super 8 (when he was an actual teenager) and Joey King was enjoyable as Channing Tatum’s daughter in White House Down. Jacob Elordi made a good older brother and was easy on the eyes, plus there was Molly Ringwald as the boys’ mom. (Though why she’s doing laundry when they live in a multi-million dollar house is beyond me.) (Also, the house was amazing.)

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  1. Okay. I was a little bummed that you didn’t love it too. I guess I just closed my eye to the major plot holes, the impossibilities of the plot, and other issues (i.e.: started at JE a lot).

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