SKS Postcard: Alma again.

Another first-of-two postcard that arrived first!

Sara grabbed this when they ate here for their anniversary dinner. She had a comment about the food that she told me not to put on the blog so I won’t.

The dinner was there courses with wine pairing and she reports that it was nice to visit a place they’ve been wanting to go to for a special occasion.

SKS Postcard. Fancy!

This one arrived a little worse for wear. See: that schmutz in the corner. But it’s fancy. It changes when you move it in the light.

She found this while packing up her office. It originally came from Virginia, but has made its way to me. She hopes that I’m enjoying that packing and moving is NOT part of my summer.

And her hopes are not in vain. I always enjoy when packing and moving are not parts of any season of my life.

SKS postcards: Union Station, Sweet Science Ice Cream

Sorry for the blurry photo. It might be my middle-aged eyes, it might be lack of attention to detail.

Sara uses a postcard of Union Station in Washington D.C. to remind me that I’ve got this. As in: YOU’VE GOT THIS! Also to let me know that the stamp was the last of her hummingbird postcard stamps, which she had to augment with a 1-cent stamp because the price had gone up and those hummingbird stamps weren’t Forever stamps.

She sent this postcard from Sweet Science Ice cream to update me on their weekend, which was quite busy, but not with church. (!) Also, the realtor team was coming over that morning. The house sale begins in earnest!

SKS Postcard: Trempealeau

Postcard 1/2 arrived the day after 2/2, as they are known to do.

Here we find out that the winery tip was to go to this town in Wisconsin. They did not partake in outdoor sports, but did do shopping for family and friends’ gifts.

I would have been all over that lake. I miss lakes.

Nice design. I also like Trempealeau’s tagline is “A mecca for outdoor sports on Wisconsin’s West Coast.” Perhaps I should plan a visit.

Update: it seems that might be the Mississippi, not a lake.

SKS Postcards: coffee promo and Minnesota Streetcar Museum

It’s another coffee promo card. The surface wasn’t much good for writing on, so Sara sent another card. Malawi, according to the postcard, is in “the Warm Heart of Africa.”

In this card, which gave her pen more purchase, SKS discusses the use of “endemic” on the previous postcard and reports on the weather, which was cold and rainy.

That streetcar TCRT 1239, according to the information on the back, was restored and placed into service in 2004.