Back to Eureka

After our kayak trip, we ate and then started the 90-minute drive back to Eureka. We got tired at the halfway point, so pulled off to have a nap on the beach.

Here’s the building where we are staying. I love the mural on the side. Much more than I loved our room.

The building is partially artist’s studios and there are also four rooms to stay in. I had fun wandering through the halls and I think at least one artist lived in her studio full time.

3 thoughts on “Back to Eureka”

  1. According to the historic building tour of Eureka (out of the history museum) that is a controversial mural. It was not painted by a local, but someone from Asia that the building’s owner flew in for the commission. There are many local artists and muralists so this was (again according to our tour guide) a bit of a frustration to the local arts community. Additionally it is not a local scene and the characters that are painted all over the mural are repeated renderings of the artist’s name (per tour guide). I rather find it to be fun–as you did. I wish the room had lived up to the mural!

    1. Very interesting. I can see why the locals would be annoyed, but it might have been the best mural I saw. Oh public art. So chancy!

  2. Okay! With that I leave you and return to unpacking work and other items that call my name as I get back into prepping for the new semester. As of today I am done with the kitchen (minus a few items that still need homes) and have all of our wardrobe boxes and clothing unpacked. I can now turn my attention to what is to come for school! I hope you had a lovely Monday today!

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