The Bike Project Day 21

The Bike Project:

In which I attempt to ride all the yellow, green, blue & purple streets on the Bike There Bike Map while increasing strength, stamina, aerobic capacity and exploring Portland’s Nooks and Crannies.

Day 21

Weather: Hazy in the morning, clearer in the afternoon. Good temperature, no wind.

Ride Average Speed: 12.4
Time: 1:15:57
Distance: 15.64
Calories: 693
Average Heart Rate: 144

Ride Average Speed: 12.1
Time: 1:11:48
Distance: 14.46
Calories: 612
Average Heart Rate: 142

The Ride:
N Lombard & N Denver
N on Denver to Expo Center
R on Marine Drive
Go a long way
R on 205 Bike Path
L on Airport Way
Airport way turns into 181st.
R on San Rafael

Reverse the above route except turn off at E. Delta Park
Ride through Delta Park
R on N. Whitaker
L on N Interstate Ave to start.

I had a training in NE Portland and I decided to ride my bike. It was pretty far, but I figured I could make it. Tomorrow, though. I’m going to take public transportation.

How did I do?
This is one of those Urban/Flora rides. On your left for part of it, you have the mighty Columbia River.

On your right you have a lot of cars passing you at fairly high speeds. The birds are quite lovely, though and going out there is a whole section where the bike path is totally separate from speedy Marine Drive. And nice views of Mt. Hood.

It was a good ride, though I am quite tired. I figured out on the way back that cutting through E. Delta Park is not only much more pleasant, it is also faster.

Glorious Bicycling Moments/Neat Things:
I found out that I can take this route to the new Ikea when it opens in late July. That’s pretty exciting. If I was superwoman, I could even buy a couch and haul it home on my bike trailer. Not that I own a bike trailer.

One thought on “The Bike Project Day 21”

  1. I like the image of IKEA furniture wares being pulled behind you in a bike trailer. And I think you ARE super-woman with all of these fantastic rides! -SKS

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