Porch conundrum.

We have this great front porch that we have yet to embrace. One problem is that there is so much to do in every other region of the house, there hasn’t been time to find a way to embrace the porch area. But also, it’s so public. It’s really close to the sidewalk, which is a moderately traveled sidewalk. Kelly and I ate dinner out there, and one guy stopped to talk to us. Which is nice, but also kind of weird, if you don’t really want to chat. Plus, with it bare like it is right now, it isn’t really marked as ours either. The other night, Matt looked outside and people were sitting on our porch. When he stuck his head out the door, their excuse was, “Oh, sorry, we thought this was a business.” He asked them to sit somewhere else.

A few weeks ago, I had a vision of what would help. My idea is to install a 12-inch planter across the whole front of the porch on the inside where those potted plants sit now. Then, attach a fairly open, yet tall lattice to the back. Runner peas and beans could be planted in the planter box and grow up to form a bit of a shield between the public and the private.

When I was on a walk, I saw that someone had already created something like I wanted.

I’m thinking less box and more lattice, and longer, of course, but this is exactly what I have in mind. Perhaps a winter project this will be. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Porch conundrum.”

  1. That will look very nice. I am starting to realize what a huge project home ownership is…its not just closing costs or monthly morgage. But I do hope that the projects have been fun…they seem like it! 🙂

    The people actually thought your home was a business…really? I don’t buy it! How odd. 😐 -S

  2. I love the projects, I just wish I had more time to work on them. And money.

    Our neighborhood is “up and coming” and we live near a Motel. It’s of the no-tell motel variety. There are sometimes some sketchy people around. It will be interesting to see the neighborhood change in the next 10 years or so.

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