Requiem for an apron.

I don’t normally steal things, but when I knew I was quitting Bread & Circus, Whole Foods Market, I did take home this apron. Though part of working at B&C was a low point in my life, another part of it was something I look back on with nostalgia. One of the better parts was the uniform. I liked wearing the chef coats and the crisp white aprons.
I cooked with this apron for years, but my whitening powers are weak and it quickly faded into a grubby gray, then got even dingier and I had to stop using it, for fear that no one would eat anything I made while wearing it. It sat in my closet for a few years because I didn’t want to just throw it away. Today I did, but not without taking a picture.

One thought on “Requiem for an apron.”

  1. SAD! I hate giving up treasured items like that. But perhaps you can make a fun project out of creating a sassy new apron that goes with your sassy new kitchen, My friend heather has a great and creative blog: and on that she references the tie one on apron challenge:

    *I have been completely inspired and will be looking for a Craig’s List sewing machine for a graduation present.

    I know it won’t replace your B & C apron…but it might even be better. S

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