Requiem for a jacket

I get attached to things, especially clothing. Being attached means that I wear some things until they are falling apart. Then they are in too bad of shape to donate them to Goodwill. So I have to just throw them away, which seems a horrible thing to do after so many years of good service. There should be a ritual. Lacking one, I’ve started taking pictures of the items before I consign them to the great trash can.

This was my grandfather’s jacket. When I found it in my aunt’s closet it was missing the wool lining, but I wanted it anyway. I loved the contrasting lining and the green color. It was also perfect for my winter in the Pacific Northwest: it kept the rain and wind off of me, but was light enough I didn’t get too hot when walking from place to place. I wore it every day for years. I also had a Chalice Lighter pin on the collar for a time, but it disappeared somewhere along the way.
Now it is frayed at the cuffs and faded. So off it goes. Thank you, lovely jacket, for keeping me warm and dry.

One thought on “Requiem for a jacket”

  1. I like this idea of taking pictures of things. I have done that with items and not clothes. Just helps me to let go of the sentimentality I attach to things. I have started to be pretty cavalier about getting rid of my clothes. I will say to Shawn…do you know where my yellow X is? And he will say…I think you donated it… OH! I routinely get rid of stuff. Right now I am working to remove Idaho-ness from my wardrobe. That is to say…I am trying to hip up my look to match the more cosmopolitan citified life I now live. But, I can be honest…there is always a donation pile in our house – even when we lived in ID. I would give an outfit/shirt/skirt (whatever piece of clothing) a last outing and then slip it right into the pile. Sometimes Shawn gets attached to my clothes too…so that gives him a moment of mourning the loss as well! 🙂 Oh how silly it is that we get attached to such temporal things. -S

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