Resolution 2008 Update. Letters written Feb 1-10

  • Feb 1. Erin. Congratulations on her new house.
  • Feb 2. Commissioner Randy Leonard about his dumb idea to ban duct taping spots for the Rose Festival Parade. Stirring up trouble where there was none, that’s what he’s doing.
  • Feb 3. Chris. Thank you.
  • Feb 4. State Senator Margaret Carter. No on UO Basketball Arena financing plan.
  • Feb 5. Rose Quarter Ticket Sales. Good service.
  • Feb 6. State Representative Tina Kotek. No on UO arena.
  • Feb 7. Chelsea Cain. Because I love her books and her weekly feature in the Oregonian.
  • Feb 8. Felicia.
  • Feb 9. The Editors of the Oregonians HGNW. I suggested a story idea.
  • Feb 10. Dr. Cottrell.

I’ve also started keeping track of who wrote me back. I’ll have a report next time.

4 thoughts on “Resolution 2008 Update. Letters written Feb 1-10”

  1. Nice work! I love how on top of this you are! I most especially appreciate that you are contacting power people and just regular Joes that you don’t know personally to give the props, frustrations, complaints, or suggestions! -S

    I have just taken a deeper look at the blog. I love the new tags (well new to me) for our blog and the orange door. I also like the Lint updates on the side. -S

  2. I am not so sure the duct tape ban is such a bad idea. Many people have quit going to the parade because of the practice of taping off spots up to two weeks in advance. I believe that explains the decline in parade attendance over the years.

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