Body Drama. Nancy Amanda Redd

I. Love. This. Book. Nancy Redd has written a book with “Real Girls, Real Bodies, Real Issues & Real Answers” as it says on the front cover. The book is divided into five sections: shape, skin, down there, boobs, hair and nails. Each chapter covers several different “dramas” such as “My face is a zit factory” or “It’s bumpy or lumpy down there.”

Aside from very informative text, there are also photos. Many photos of actual women. In the back there is a two-page layout of front and back naked views of several different women. There is also a spread (hee hee) of 24 different women’s vulvas. Nothing is airbrushed, and the constant message is that your natural body is wonderful. It’s like a more direct “Our bodies, ourselves,” but with pictures.

I’m pretty savvy in the body department, but I learned a lot too. Third nipples? There is a picture and explanation. Pubic lice? Yep. Stretch marks? Picture. The pictures were my favorite part though I also enjoyed the true confessions from the author. Now that I’ve devoured this book, I’m waiting for the boy’s version.

One thought on “Body Drama. Nancy Amanda Redd”

  1. Very interesting. Not sure this prudish prig could handle it, but I really love the idea of body as beautiful – just as it is.

    But I should disclose that I would LOVE botox and lipo! And I keep telling Shawn that its a gift that would keep on giving. Trust me – he rolls his eyes at that and admonishes me greatly! -S

    And I don’t want any e-lectures via email…I can guess how you feel about the above statement. 🙂

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