Lint Wrap Up.

Well, the season of Lent is over and I think it is time to call and end to my season of Lint. I was going to extend the Lint project through orthodox lent, but I’ve decided not to as I am busy with the garden and other projects and a soon-to-start class.

I went great guns at the beginning, but the last few weeks tapered off into nothing. I started Parkour classes and those take up five hours of my Saturday with which I would otherwise have been doing Lint things. I accomplished some good things in that time:

  • Divided my closet into summer and winter wardrobes.
  • Donated all clothing that I didn’t like
  • Realized how few clothing items I love
  • Explored some new consignment stores and reacquainted myself with some old favorites.
  • Bought eight items of clothing and accessories.
  • Tried on 30 pairs of pants. Found one that fit.
  • Read a lot about style and wardrobe assembly
  • Learned a handy trick for checking pants to try on.
  • Realized I need to shop constantly, not just twice a year.

And so, with that last realization, the lint project lives on. I’m going to try to go shopping at least every other week until I get to a point in my wardrobe that I feel like I have enough. I’ll most likely go to the Goodwill store on the way home from church, but I could also regularly visit two clothing resale places that are near my job. I’m still on the lookout for pants that fit and still really need new tops. When I find new items I’ll post them here.

One thought on “Lint Wrap Up.”

  1. Will you now call it wardrobe wrap up and still keep us, your fans, in the know? And well done on the work that you accomplished during lint. -S

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