Recycled Fashion.

Today was a teacher planning day so there was no school. On these days, Art4Life, the before and after school care program at our school has “all days.” They usually do something fun, like today when they made clothing out of recycled materials:

B’s stunning hat:
I’s sassy shirt:
M’s spotted skirt and hat ensemble.
B’s fabulous purse. That would be a four-square ball she has repurposed.
P’s lovely headband/hat.
M had a fabulous dress made for her. The front:
The excellent sleeves in the back.

One thought on “Recycled Fashion.”

  1. REALLY FABULOUS!!!!! I love it!!! Very sassy fashionistas! -S

    To other commenters…see how easy it is…just a couple of exclamations and the comment is done. No blogger account…not to worry, blogger thinks of you too! Just click Name or anonymous and you are golden! -S

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