I and my camera are one.

I keep a five year diary which is helpful when I start to wonder, “how did I celebrate Memorial Day last year?” but also fun to see what went on in previous years on that very day. My friend was amazed earlier this year because I could tell her that three years and two days ago on that date we had her unbachlorette party. She broke up with her finance and we celebrated by painting pottery.

April 17 marked one year with my camera. Ideally I would post a one year post with a picture taken by my camera, but we will just have to have a text post. It’s one of those nights.

I love my camera. I’ve always liked photography, but felt self conscious lugging around a camera. My Canon Powershot fits in the palm of my hand and goes everywhere with me. I can take a picture at a moments notice. My pictures aren’t as composed as when I took film pictures, and I still really miss going to get the packet of pictures, but I wouldn’t trade my digital camera for anything.

On that note, my camera is full of pictures you won’t probably see for awhile. I’ve begun taking a class which means that blog time has been cut down. Things are still going on, I’m just having trouble finding time to write about them. Books are being read, movie has been seen, letters are being written (though not tonight). Squeak is even visiting and Matt is making somewhat hopeful sounding comments that begin “But when we get a cat…..” I’ll write about it someday, just not in the near future.

Unless someone wants to pay me to stay home from work and blog? Maybe?

4 thoughts on “I and my camera are one.”

  1. You and me sister! My comera is always in my bag…just inc ase something fabulous comes my way! I think its also the sign of being a blogger! I, too, love the digital medium, but miss film and film cameras. We have a really nice film camera that we never use anymore. It is so huge that it can be rather conspicuous (but it does take such lovely photos)! -S

    Wish I could pay you to stay home and blog! 🙂 -S

    Hope class is going well!

  2. You are so awesome. I still have your tri-horn ceramic bowl from New Year’s Eve! The one that held the delicious bean dip.

  3. Oh, a cat is in your future??? How exciting. You missed be quite busy as you have not updated the blog in a while. Have a great day! A

  4. Excuse that last one “you must be quite busy.” Yeesshhh my grandma just totally came out in me!

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